Tango Downtown offers private and small group classes by appointment in The Essentials of Argentine Tango, technique classes for various experience levels, incorporating insights into the music, dance and etiquette of Milonguero Style social dancing in Albuquerque and Los Ranchos. We also occasionally offer special-topic seminars and workshops.

Argentine Tango Classes

with Karen Reck & Paul Akmajian


Classes emphasize the important elements of Argentine Tango as a social dance: embrace & connection to one's partner; navigation & connection to other dancers in the room; music, the connection that brings it all together.

Private Classes with Karen Reck &/or Paul Akmajian

Milonguero Style essentials for men & women.
Individuals, couples, or small groups.
$50/hour, with one of us; $60/hour with both.
Classes in Los Ranchos de Albuquerque/North Valley or preferred venue.

Karen (email) (Los Ranchos de Albuquerque classes)

Paul (email) or call at (505) 453-1786 (Tucson and Albuquerque classes)


Our classes are designed to give beginners a entry to Argentine Tango as a social dance, and to help committed students gain more confidence in their dance in order to better enjoy their experience at the milongas.

Classic Argentine Tango music is intrinsic to the dance. Beginners will receive some grounding in the essential elements of Argentine tango — connection to one's partner, the music, and other dancers sharing the floor. More advanced dancers will be invited to take a deeper look at expressing the depth and subtleties of the music in their dance.


Bien Milonguero Tango School

Coming to Albuquerque in September 2015!
Milonguero S
tyle Argentine Tango Classes taught by
Eva Garlez and Pablo Rodriguez

Group cl
asses by two of our favorite, soon to be resident, Milonguero Style Tango teachers from Argentina — highly recommended!

Bien Milonguero Tango School

If classes are described as "Essentials," "Essentials II" or "Intensive" the following definitions apply:

Essentials Classes
are for all experience levels, absolute beginners & up. These classes explore the essential elements of Argentine Tango as a social dance — connection with one's partner in the embrace, dancing to the music, navigating the dancefloor — via technique exercises and dance sequences useful for dancers of all experience levels. Students work on both essential technique and small, useful dance sequences for the social floor.

Essentials II Classes are for students who have previously attended All Levels Essentials sessions, or other Intermediate level students. (Advanced-Intermediate & up dancers who are interested in refining technique or learning opposite-gender roles are also welcome.) These classes focus on developing confidence on the dancefloor by enhancing vocabulary and natural musical movement.

Intensive Classes are for Advanced-Intermediate & up dancers, and assume significant prior experience in milonguero/apilado social dancing &/or strong Argentine Tango technique. We will explore diverse topics via class exercises to add depth and character to your dance.

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Dress comfortably for you; class attire ranges from professional/casual dressy to jeans. Wear comfortable shoes that will stay on your feet (not sandals or clogs) with leather or other non-sticky soles. Thick soles are not advised, since we emphasize being aware of contact with the floor. Women: high heels are not necessary for class; strapped shoes with closed toes & a low or medium heel are fine.