Tango Downtown presents

Susana Miller

Classes in Argentine Tango in the Milonguero Style

July 23 — Monday, July 25

All Classes at Milonga de las Puertas venue
1512 1st Street NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico
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Susana is a native of Buenos Aires and has been dancing and teaching tango since the late 1980s revival of social tango. She founded and operates her own tango academy in Buenos Aires, at one of B.A.'s most popular tango clubs, El Beso. She has made annual teaching tours to the United States and Europe since 1994. Susana is cited as a master teacher by many prominent teachers/dancers, and her teaching has impacted innumerable students of this beautiful dance. Don't miss this very special weekend!

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SATURDAY, JULY 23 at Milonga de las Puertas venue

1:00-2:30pm | The Body is the Instrument of the Dance

All levels (Beginners thru Teachers). Partners encouraged, not required; rotation (optional).
Susana's essentials for Tango Milonguero: Posture, embrace, balance, walking + 2 two rhythmical patterns & advice on avoiding pain.

3:00-4:30pm | Four Beautiful Basic Steps
Intermediate & up. Partners encouraged, not required; rotation (optional).
Three basic steps in tango milonguero. Turns on a dime. Balance in turns & ochos.

SUNDAY, JULY 24 at Milonga de las Puertas venue

1:00-2:30pm | Advanced Milonguero Movements
Advanced-Intermediate & Up. Partners required; no rotation.
Advanced Milongurero movements to a cultivate the porteño look and feeling.

3:00-4:30pm | Developing a Complex Dance
Advanced-Intermediate & Up. Partners required; no rotation.
Intregating steps to develop complex figures. Keys to creating a charming dance.

MONDAY, JULY 25 (location to-be-determined)
Women's Technique, 7:30–9:00pm | All levels. (Men also welcome.)
Posture, balance, axis, embrace. Avoiding foot pain. Charming footwork.

PRICES (per person)

Full Weekend Special (All 5 Classes): $100 paid in advance.
Single class, $25
Any 2 classes, $48
Any 3 classes, $69
Any 4 classes, $90

Payment by cash or check only.
Hand-deliver to Karen or Paul or download flier for mailing directions.


Privates with Susana are $110/hr (couple or individual).
Most privates will take place in Karen & Paul's guesthouse in Los Ranchos.
Individuals taking privates should bring a partner; instruction will be focused on the individual.
To book contact Karen, karen@tangodowntown.net or Paul (505) 453-1786


A Bonus Event for Workshop Registrants!*
Milonga/House Party, Friday, July 22, 8:00pm-11:00pm
Hosted by Julie Reichert & Bill Mohr in their beautiful South Valley home.
DJ: Jenny DeBouzek. Potluck & BYOBeverages.
Map & directions.

* You have already registered, or you are planning to attend but haven’t registered yet, or maybe you’ll attend but haven’t decided yet, or you have this great recipe you’ve been dying to share with your tango friends. :-)

Milonga de las Puertas, Saturday, July 23, 8:00pm-Midnight
Hosted by Lee Blaugrund. 7/23 DJ: Paul Akmajian. $5. | Map

TCA Milonga por la Tarde, Sunday, July 24, 6:30-9:30pm
Hosted by Tango Club of Albuquerque at the Old Town Gazebo. A free outdoor event.
7/24 DJ: Matt Kropp.


Karen Reck,

Paul Akmajian, (505) 453-1786


Visit Tango Downtown's Youtube Channel to see a few of our Susana favorites.





As classes tend to build upon previous material, dancers will benefit by beginning with the first class each day.


We appreciate your pre-registration, and work to maintain gender/role-balance in those classes where partners are not required. Registration may be closed upon "optimum registration," at our discretion.


All Levels
includes beginners (not absolute beginners) through advanced level. Dancers in All Levels classes may choose to work with a single partner or rotate partners.

Intermediate Level generally means at least one year of dedicated Argentine Tango study and frequent social dancing in the apilado embrace. Dancers in Intermediate Level classes may choose to work with a single partner or rotate partners.

Advanced-Intermediate & Up Level assumes the technique/ understanding commensurate with 3 or more years dancing Argentine Tango in the Milonguero Style.


Partners are encouraged, but not required, for Saturday classes.
Rotation is optional.

Partners are required for Sunday classes. Enrolling with a partner ensures that you will be working with a compatible dancer of your choice in these more experienced level classes with no partner rotation. More experienced dancers are invited to exchange roles with their partners if desired; same gender partners are welcome.

Men are also welcome to attend the Monday Women's Technique class.

Class Times

We appreciate your arrival at least 5-10 min. in advance to change shoes, etc. Our intent is to start & end classes on time, but please understand that circumstances vary.


There are 30 minute breaks scheduled between weekend classes. We’ll put on some music and provide light snacks. Tap water &/or pitchers of filtered water will be available; please bring your own bottled water if desired.